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  • KIK For PC App Download For Windows Computer 10/8/7

    Handcent Next SMS—The next generation of Texting

    The most customizable and powerful SMS messenger app. The best replacement messaging app for your stock text messenger.
    Starting in 2010, Handcent is the customer-oriented SMS app, making user experience enjoyable and convenient is our top priority. Text plus fun is our goal.

    "Next SMS 7.0" brings some radical changes to make what’s good even better.

    Material design to bring you a whole new immersive experience.
    Underneath there’s a ton of improvements to improve the speed, stability and battery usage.
    All new night mode and pop-up window and etc. gives it more flexibility.
    Coupled with newest Handcent Anywhere to give you a seamless texting experience on PC, tablets, and your cellphone. Text from pc and tablets can never be this easy.Text now with Next SMS.

    >Ultimate Customization
    Gorgeous themes and background, everything can be changed to your liking. It’s the most popular message customizer, you can personalize text messages’ bubble style, fonts, color, notification ringtone, LED color, vibration pattern and so on.

    >Handcent Anywhere
    Send text messages from your PC, Mac, or Tablet without touching your Android phone.
    Go to aw.handcent.com and start chatting. For iPad and Android tablets, you will need to download Handcent Anywhere 2 and bind with your phone before you start texting.

    >MMS plus
    Share full-size multimedia(pics, audio, video) messages with your friends. MMS plus can act as a multimedia messaging downloader, save the multimedia files on our cloud server. If the recipient also has Next SMS installed, the file can be open directly within the app. Otherwise, file will be open in the browser.

    >Pop up
    Quick reply your messages with pop up window, it can even show over lock screen.
    Now with new look and functionality, try it to explore more.

    >Private Box
    Your own personal space, a totally encrypted message box can only open by a unique passcode set by you. Best way to protect your privacy.

    >SMS Backup
    Never worry about losing your texts with our newest backup service. Easily restore all you messages(SMS/MMS),settings and scheduled task when you switch to a new phone or factory reset your phone.

    click here for more information on KIK For PC

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